Spam resurgence makes NBC Nightly News


Back in December, City Pages food critic Rachel Hutton wrote about the recession-fueled resurgence of Spam:

The economy is down, which means Spam sales are up and the Hormel plant in Austin, Minnesota, is running two shifts, seven days a week for the foreseeable future. Spam retails at about $3.50 a pound, a price comparable to other penny-pinching meats such as ground beef and braising and stewing cuts. But with Spam, there's no need to hassle with refrigerating, freezing, defrosting, or even cooking the meat. It's ready to eat, straight from the can. Yes, people really do eat it that way. If you've already sworn off lattes, canceled the gym membership, and started knitting all your holiday gifts, you may soon be eating Spam, too.

Now NBC Nightly News has picked up on the phenomenon, treating national viewers to a trip to Spamtown, USA.