SPAM launches "Break the Monotony" ads


I haven't seen them yet, but the new "Break the Monotony" ads SPAM is putting out sound a lot like those old Kool-Aid ads where Kool-Aid Man busts down through a ceiling or through a wall or a fence, "to the rescue!" An AP article discusses the ads:

"This year, the campaign focuses on customers who may be having trouble coming up with ideas for new meals each night, said Dan Goldman, senior product manager for the Spam family of products. Hormel is suggesting easy updates -- like including Spam in pasta dishes -- that offer uniqueness, he said.

"'There is a portion of the population out there that has become rather in a rut when it comes to preparing their meals and is looking for a little creativity,' he said. 'They want to add a twist to what they do but they're looking for a very effortless addition.'"

And here's one of the Kool-Aid ads, with Kool-Aid Man's weird, permanently memorable Speak & Spell meets chain-smoker voice.