Soy-Yer Dough: edible Play-Doh

We recently discussed the great satisfaction that edible crayons would give to millions of people who have always wanted to bite into a real crayon. Now another product, Soy-Yer-Dough, brings more satisfaction--now you can also bite into faux Play-Doh made out of soy.

Apparently, Play-Doh triggers wheat allergies, so this product was developed as an alternative. In such tempting flavors as raspberry, grape, and root beer, now your kids can create colorful sculptures, and also have a taste.

Soy-er Dough was created by Sawyer Sparks, a student at Purdue University, to help a professor whose child had wheat allergies. While Soy-er Dough is edible, apparently is does not taste so good. Here's an alternative; Think Geek has a product called Yummy Dough, that can be molded, baked and eaten, although it is not wheat free. Yummy Dough is said to taste similar to sugar cookies.