Southwest Journal features "Best of Southwest"


Southwest Journal's "Best of Southwest" feature in its current issue shows some love for some places that, while undeniably terrif, don't always necessarily make "Top 10" or "Best Of" lists. Def worth checking out. Some highlights:

Best Coffee Shop: Java Jacks: " ... [T]he shop has a vast outdoor patio and patrons inside can still enjoy the weather ..." And don't forget the adjacent Rustica Bakery!

Best Mexican Restaurant: Pancho Villa: " ... [T]wo-for-one house margaritas? [and beers!] ... karaoke nights ...? The street side seating on Nicollet Avenue?" Word.

Best Breakfast: The Zumbro Cafe: " ... [H]ealthful meals, made from scratch in-house." Conveniently situated in what might be the cutest, foodiest intersection in the TC.

Best Vegetarian Food: French Meadow Bakery: " ... the highlights of the menu are the vegetarian options: the tempeh Reuben, vegan black bean chili ..." They also have great outdoor seating.

Best French Restaurant: Pierre's Bistro: "Word is, they have one of the best French onion soups in town." Can anyone out there vouch for that? We're keen to hear!

Southwest readers know where it's at. Check out the paper for the full rundown, plus contact information.