South Dakota specialty is like fondue minus the fondue

Road trip, anyone?

Ever since hearing about chislic for the first time this week, I have been obsessed with getting my hands on some of the shish kebab-like regional specialty.

(Clearly, I don't get out enough.)

I was surprised by some of what I found (mostly from the publisher of the Freeman Courier newspaper):

1) The specialty is thought to have arrived in South Dakota in the 1870s with peripatetic German settlers who had spent time and picked up the dish in Russia.

2) The fried, skewered meat is typically made of lamb and served with saltines and salt.

3) Chislic headquarters seems to be the Southeast South Dakota town of Freeman, where you can even get pre-skewered chislic at the town grocery stores.

4) Most bar restaurants serve chislic. It supposedly goes great with beer!

5) Chislic "feeds" are not uncommon in the region, often times as a fundraiser.

Chislic: new favorite food I have never had.