Sotapitcher's State-Shaped Mugs Take "Drink Minnesota" Literally

A selection of Nice Pint Club steins -- note the traditional pint glass and dairy creamer for scale.

A selection of Nice Pint Club steins -- note the traditional pint glass and dairy creamer for scale.

You've got your local craft beer, your favorite local brewery t-shirt, and your regular seat at the local taproom bar, but how local is your drinking glass?

"Many have heard of the German tradition of drinking beer from a boot-­shaped glass," says Sotapitcher, the company that has created a stoneware pitcher/pint in the unique shape of our beloved state. "But we're Minnesotans, why not drink out of a state-shaped glass?"


The start-up company, which premiered earlier this year on Kickstarter, has introduced the Nice Pint Club, a series of new mugs and shooters designed in a Minnesota likeness and adorned with the logos and locations of eight Minnesota breweries.

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The pint mugs are made by hand at Red Wing Pottery. Design and marketing is all handled by Sotapitcher, invented by Eric Darling of Hopkins. The Nice Pint Club features the logos of Finnegans and seven other breweries spread across the state's map from Rochester to Baxter and beyond. Each stein comes with a star marking the brewery's location, along with the brewery's logo.

Sotapitchers are made by hand.

Sotapitchers are made by hand.

"We're celebrating Minnesota in a unique way," explains Darling. It's durable -- microwave-, dishwasher-, and oven-safe, and can serve as either a drinking vessel or souvenir.

Finnegans has joined as a partner in the venture, and their logo is on the premiere mug. Other breweries to participate are 612Brew, Excelsior, Jack Pine, Kinney Creek, Red Wing Brewery, Summit, and Third Street.

In addition to the stein, the company is also selling 1-ounce shooters, functional as a shot glass, toothpick holder, or any other creative purpose one can dream up for the miniature Minnesotas, also bearing the brewery logos. A total of 25 are made for each brewery and are hand-numbered. They are currently only available from Sotapitcher and from Red Wing Pottery.

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