Sonora Grill's shrimp caramelo: 50 Favorite Dishes, no. 25

Undeniable cravings straight ahead
Undeniable cravings straight ahead
Joy Summers
Wandering through Midtown Global Market is always a test of willpower. So many culinary delights from around the world are housed in the former Sears building on Lake Street that it's hard to choose which dish to pick. Wander over to the Sonora Grill and you won't regret your choice of one of their delicious and inexpensive dishes. Just know this: If you try the shrimp caramelo, you'll need to start planning future trips back just to satisfy what will soon be a slow-burning need to eat this dish again and again.

It's almost a crime that these little delights are only $3.50. They could charge more. Corn tortillas are griddled until blistered and toasty. Fresh, fat shrimp are coated in a tempura batter and fried. They are then bathed in a tart-hot Buffalo-style sauce that will make your tongue burn and the corners of your jaw twitch in sour delight. Those massive, juicy shrimp are piled on top of cabbage shreds and gilded with a few slices of fresh, green jalapenos. It's the unholy love child of bar food favorites. It's impossible to pass up.

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Sonora Grill

920 E. Lake St.
Minneapolis, MN 55407


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