Sonora Grill: The Tour

The perennially popular Sonora Grill stall at Midtown Global market has taken their operation a little farther down Lake Street to the former home of Molly Quinn’s in the Longfellow neighborhood. To the delight and relief of Sonora’s devotees, they’ve brought their greatest hits along with them: the caramelos (spectacularly tasty, creative, three-bite tacos); the bocadillos (South American-style sandwiches, served here on Salty Tart buns); and the pinchos (a Sonoran take on shish kebab, skewered, seasoned, and expertly grilled). To capitalize on the larger-capacity kitchen and open dining area, they’ve also added a number of made-to-share entrees, a couple of desserts, and of course, one of the most welcome additions of this expansion, a full bar. Fans of the original market stall will still be able to swing by for a quick bite (the stall isn't going anywhere) and will be happy to re-visit old favorites (yes, they still have that bacon-wrapped hot dog). Meanwhile, Sonora Grill newbies are bound to be impressed by the inspired take on Latin fusion. Lucky Longfellowans. PHOTOS BY ALMA GUZMAN

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Sonora Grill - Longfellow
3300 E. Lake St., Minneapolis