Sonora Grill spices up brunch with killer chilaquiles and chorizo molletes

Longfellow's Sonora Grill now offers weekend brunch

Longfellow's Sonora Grill now offers weekend brunch

Sonora Grill rolled out a new brunch menu at the beginning of the month, offering a variety of Latin-inspired dishes and bringing some much needed diversity to the Longfellow brunch roster. [jump]
The menu is fairly small, which is actually a welcome departure from the paradox of choice we experience at many brunch outings. Sonora's tight selection of well-thought-out options makes the weekend morning meal as relaxing as it should be -- with some additional assistance from boozy brunch cocktails.

The menu offers some of Sonora's tried-and-true dishes like the red tempura shrimp caramelos (essentially tacos) and the fantastic Sonora hot dog. To that, they've added Spanish-style tortillas, chilaquiles, and molletes, as well as sweeter options like pancakes and French toast. 

The turkey chorizo mollete ($8) is a great dish for splitting the difference between breakfast and lunch cravings. This open-face style sandwich gets its boldest flavors from the turkey chorizo, accented by fluffy scrambled eggs, gooey Chihuahua cheese, creamy guajillo beans, and sweet roasted red peppers.

Sonora Grill also offers a selection of decked-out hash browns ($7) served with a mixture of sweet onions and peppers and laced with deliciously melty cheese. We ordered ours with the pork sausage, which salted and spiced things up a bit. Order these with a side of eggs ($2), and you've got yourself a veritable breakfast of champions.

Quite possibly the best dish we ordered was the chilaquiles ($10). This is one of those nearly perfect savory breakfasts that boasts a blast of heat, yet is balanced enough in flavor to serve first thing in the morning. Corn chips that have been simmered in your choice of either red or green salsa become almost pasta-like as they soak up the flavor, and though keeping this dish vegetarian is easy because of its two perfectly fried and seasoned eggs, we can also recommend topping it off with slow-roasted pork guajillo.

Brunch at Sonora Grill runs from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, which gives you ample time to swing in. No need to rush --  just make sure you show up hungry.

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