Sonny's ice cream cart takes a turn downtown

Summer ain't over till it's over in Minnesota, and we have plenty of warm days left to take advantage of the Sonny's Ice Cream stand on Nicollet Mall.

Sonny's is one of the new street carts that opened in downtown Minneapolis this year.

It's near Eigth Street on one of the mall's busiest blocks. Here's more information on Minneapolis's coolest street cart experience.

Ice cream flavors rotate every day.
Ice cream flavors rotate every day.
Michelle Bruch

Staff member Caleb Dayton says a dependable customer favorite is Turtle ice cream with chocolate, caramel and pecans. That's a pretty standard option, but Sonny's also gets creative with flavors like fennel pollen sorbet, cucumber pinot grigio sorbet, and chocolate cabernet chip ice cream.

The ice cream is dense--unlike the gallons of air you can find in the grocery store, Dayton says--and it's homemade and locally sourced from Minnesota dairy cows. It costs around $3.75 per scoop, including tax. Ice cream flavors rotate; you can count on six ice cream choices and three different sorbets.

Unlike the Sonny's location at 34th and Lyndale, there isn't any food for sale at the street cart. But with creamy ice cream like this, no one's complaining.

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