Someone robbed Rebel Donut Bar this weekend. Recognize the guy?

They're asking for help identifying the Rebel robber

They're asking for help identifying the Rebel robber Facebook: Rebel Donut Bar

"That mad man took my damn journal... where I wrote down my dreams. Who does that!?!"

Overall, it's been a pretty good year for Rebel Donut Bar. After raising $17,000 through Kickstarter, the mini donut shop officially landed in Northeast in mid-October, where they've been introducing new flavors and selling out of treats -- often, super quickly -- for the last month and a half. 

But following that sweet debut, things turned a little sour this weekend; Rebel was robbed on Saturday. The burglary occurred in the wee hours of the morning (2:10 a.m.), while the bakers were busy making minis. 

In Nest footage uploaded to Facebook later that day, you can see someone sporting glasses and a ponytail emerge from the shop's back door and onto the enclosed patio, where -- artwork under one arm, duffel bags in the other -- they pause, practically posing for the security camera before exiting through a gate. 

He stole "quite a bit," according to Rebel's post, including some artwork and a camera. (Also, that dream journal! Not the dream journal!) The whole incident "has made us all feel very uneasy," they added, especially given that their bakers were on site during the robbery. So after filing a police report, they're asking the community for help identifying the culprit.

Recognize him?

"Please let us know so we can make sure he doesn't do this to anyone else," Rebel's Facebook post concludes.