Some jerk tagged the Nye's Polonaise building with 'EAT HEALTHY!' graffiti

People went to Nye's Polonaise Room for all sorts of reasons.

To have a drink. To have a bunch of drinks. To dance to the tunes of the World's Most Dangerous Polka Band. To listen to karaoke singers in the bar, or to sing themselves.

What they did not go to the northeast Minneapolis fixture for was to stick to their diet.

This is why the graffiti that has recently shown up on the now-empty Nye's building is so confusing. 

"EAT HEALTHY!" it says.

Is the placement of this message meant to be ironic? Or is it a direct protest aimed at the recently closed bar/restaurant and its many devoted patrons

— Chris Steller (@chris_steller) May 31, 2016 Recall that the menu at Nye's was a '50s-style bar menu, peppered with Polish specialties: On this edition from 2012, pierogi, sausage, and cream sauce occupy one branch of items, with prime rib and chops making up another. And sure, you could swing for seafood on a given night. But don't act like you weren't going to wash it down with a few of the martinis depicted on the menu's cover. 

Though most spray-painted messages are of a different nature, this isn't the first graffiti of its kind. The same feelgood message was once found scrawled on an Arizona sidewalk, albeit more subtly. At least twice, the word "QUINOA" has appeared as hipster-flavored graffiti in England; the phrase "KALE CHIPS" once showed up (where else) in Brooklyn. 

But those make some sense. This image's placement seems an affront to the storied, deeply unhealthy legacy of the building it now adorns. Maybe this is some sort of pro-gentrification threat — the Nye's site and an adjacent parking lot are set to be converted into a swanky apartment complex .

Frankly, we don't think we like the taste.