Solo Vino's Chuck Kanski has the list of best bubbly wine for your Fourth of July

Chuck in front of the bubbly at Solo Vino
Chuck in front of the bubbly at Solo Vino
Marsha Trainer

Independence Day is upon us, which means hot weather, grilling, fireworks, and adding fizz to all that sizzle with the addition of a sparkling wine or two (or three). Bubblies are food-friendly chillers that can give your red, white, and blue festivities an extra pop of excitement.

Don't just take our word for it -- Solo Vino's Chuck Kanski shares three of his favorite sparkling wines for the occasion.

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Three bubbly picks for your July 4 drinking pleasure
Three bubbly picks for your July 4 drinking pleasure

"During the hot summer months, I would hesitate to accept a glass of red or white. I might be talked into a glass of dry rosé. But with sparkling wine, the answer will always be yes," says Kanski.

His three picks run the gamut in terms of taste, origin, and price. There's a Champagne for purists, a dry Cava for grill-masters, and a well-priced Prosecco that's great in the heat. In other words, there's something for everyone who wants a bit of tickle with their wine this holiday. And one quick note: NV stands for non-vintage, which means these are a blend of grapes from more than one year's harvest.

The Real Deal: Champagne Marc Hebrart Brut NV ($49.99) A grower Champagne is the only way to go -- they own the vineyard and the winery as well, which means they control all of the wine-making processes from vineyard to bottling. Marc Hebrart produces roughly 6,000 cases and at this price no others can compare. This bottle features clean fruit with a delicate hint of apple and lime.

A Spanish Sparkler: Cava Avinyo Reserva Cava Brut NV ($18.99) This Spanish sparkling wine is bone-ripping dry and always made via the French method of secondary bottle fermentation. The base grapes are a blend of Macabeu, Parellada, and Xarel-lo, which makes Cava so austere. As a result, it's great paired with anything off the grill. The Avinyo Cava has a toasted fruit profile of Granny Smith apples and white peaches.

Beat the Heat: Prosecco Montefresco Prosecco NV ($12.99) A classic Prosecco should be fresh and juicy. By design, most are produced via the Charmat process, which produces a sparkling wine with a bigger splash of fruit. With this method the secondary fermentation occurs in bulk tanks and the wine is bottled under pressure. The process is much more reasonable to produce, so Prosecco is generally priced at under $20. This bottling from Montefresco is perfect and dominated by crisp pear and apricot fruits.

There you have it -- some bubbly selections that not only stand up to a varied menu but will also beautifully cap off a day of fun in the sun. Have a great July 4, Hot Dishers!

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