Sol Taqueria just opened at Nicollet & Diamond Lake

Tacos are delicious, and that's a fact, my friend.

Tacos are delicious, and that's a fact, my friend. Jay Boller

It's time for tacos at Nicollet Avenue & Diamond Lake Road.

For months, the corner space at 5447 Nicollet Ave. in south Minneapolis teased passersby with signs reading "COMING SOON: NEIGHBORHOOD HOTSPOT." Weeks ago, signage for Sol Taqueria emerged, and now, on this very taco Tuesday, the Mexican restaurant is open for business. 

“It's a traditional Mexican taqueria -- street food, tacos, burritos, elotes -- just authentic Mexican cuisine” says owner Jorge Garcia. 

Garcia, 28, has been hustling in restaurants since he was a teenager, but "got tired" of working for others and set a goal to open his own place. At Sol, he says he's putting a premium on quality. 

“We’ve got a few twists on traditional Mexican food," Garcia says. "At a lot of places they focus more on quantity, but they’re sacrificing the little things that make a better product.”

Sol, which seats around 40 guests, is booze-free, instead offering Mexican sodas and juices. It'll be open 10 a.m.-10 p.m. every day. The address previously housed a Toppers Pizza and, before that, Betsy's Back Porch Coffee.

That southern stretch of Nicollet now provides a tempting tour de taco: Pepitos (4624), Tacos El Primo (4749, should it return following a large fire), Sol Taqueria (5447), Taqueria Victor Hugo (5801), and El Tejaban Mexican Grill (6519).