Sofitel's Chez Colette giving complimentary chocolate today

Don't know much about Chez Colette (anyone care to weigh in?), and not exactly big on hotel restaurants, but free chocolate is as good of a reason as any to investigate, no? The French restaurant in Bloomington's Sofitel hotel is launching a monthly food special today (which is apparently National Chocolate Day?) by setting up a chocolate fountain and serving free chocolate mousse to restaurant guests. The restaurant will be honoring other food holidays each month with complimentary bites for guests. I couldn't find any recent reviews of Chez Colette, but Yelp and Citysearch reviewers seem to like the place, for whatever that might or might not be worth.

Chez Colette Sofitel Minneapolis Hotel 5601 W. 78th St. Bloomington 952.835.1900

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