So Good So You is the Minneapolis skyway's newest breakfast and lunch option

So fresh and so green (green)

So fresh and so green (green) So Good So You

We now return to your regularly scheduled Minnesota winter. 

After a weekend of above-freezing temps that turned everything to a damp slush, it's once again 19 degrees, windy, and snowy -- meaning, of course, that our recently thawed walkways and roads are now totally treacherous sheets of ice. 

What we're saying is: Don't want to go outside to get lunch today? That's a totally justified call. And if you're in the skyway, you even have a new, healthy place to try out; So Good So You's plant-based cafe is officially open for business after a soft opening last week.

SGSY's bowls, toasts, gourmet greens, and juices are part of an expanded menu from the company formerly known as Juice So Good. Founder Rita Katona told City Pages in December that her fast-growing fast-casual business needed a new name and a more all-encompassing brand as she opened a flagship skyway cafe: "We're so much more than a juice company now."

Stop by So Good So You (in the Retek Building at 950 Nicollet Mall) for filling, hearty, and sneakily vegan breakfast or lunch -- many of the menu items are also gluten free or at least have the option to be. Katona designed the menu with local chefs to be the kind of filling food that's beautiful and Instagrammable but also delicious and satiating. 

It's the kind of healthy food that might even keep you from missing that mid-afternoon walk.