Snickers goes Snacklish

Snickers goes Snacklish

Orin Optiglot/Flickr

I'm sorry, what? Did I just see a billboard encouraging me to eat a candy bar for breakfast? To, in fact, "enjoy my chewmute?" Yes, yes I did. Let me just put my Pepsi down for a second to consider this.

According to the New York Times, Snickers' aggressive new "Snacklish" campaign (as seen littering I-94 and I-35) is a sign 'o the times. "It was only a year or so ago that the concept of affordable luxury meant a Coach bag, Tiffany bauble or Starbucks latte, the article begins. "Since then, the recession has defined splurging downward to the price level of a can of soda, pack of gum or candy bar."

While that may be true, it appears that the campaign is really just a new coat of paint on a (failed, many say) campaign the company was actively using a few years ago.

What seems to be different this time around is that Snickers given a catchy, user-friendly name to the campaign, which essentially just involves made-up words ("choclantic ocean," "put your hunger in a nougaplex," "eat tu, brute?") and will soon include, according to the Times, an application whereby people can translate words into "Snacklish."

Check out some thumbs-down commentary on the old ads here, here and here.

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