Sneak Peek: Uptown’s Country Bar now open

Not quite as dive-y as you remember.

Not quite as dive-y as you remember.

Great news, imbibers of Uptown! No longer will you have to mourn the loss of the Country Bar. Today, the formerly campy hang is back as a new, more polished, better-smelling restaurant.

The spot has been lovingly revived by Todd Smith, who you may know as the owner of the Nomad World Pub. Wanting to keep the soul of the original bar alive, Smith left some motifs in place, including antlers, skulls, and tasteful nods to country life.

The ceiling features an amazing mural of a cowboy riding on horseback in front of a mountain. The vibe is a lot classier and more stylish than the former incarnation of the Country Bar. It’s less a greasy dive bar, more a charming spot that fits in with other concept restaurants that dot Lake and Lyndale.

One of the most incredible features of the new Country Bar is its sign, which features a giant cowboy. It’s massive. The sign was originally on the front of Hagen’s Wildest Traders, an appliance store in 7 Corners. It then decorated a Holiday Inn bar for a stint before going into storage at a Marriott Hotel. Then word of its existence got to Smith.

He quickly snatched it up and worked to make it animate in a way that complies with the city regulations. He couldn’t fit the whole sign onto the space, and says he has a neon steer left over if anyone is interested. 

The spot adds a lot of intrigue to that corner of Lyndale, which has fallen on hard times of late. Now that Caffrey’s is back, Cause has been replaced by the Iron Door Pub, and a new arcade is moving in next to Smitten Kitten, this might become quite the hoppin’ corner.

The new Country Bar sign is a sight to behold.

The new Country Bar sign is a sight to behold.

Those hitting up the new Country Bar for more than just the sauce will find it has a sensible, affordable menu featuring a good mix of meaty and vegetarian options. (Buffalo cauliflower, anyone?)

There are fry bread tacos and sandwiches, plus chicken wings that come in three varieties: the classic Shorty and Wags-style, honey butter, or spiced vinegar. Get 3 for $8, 5 for $11, or 12 for $22. They also have a basic bar burger for $8, with various add-ons and substitutions for $1 each. And there's of course a large selection of spirits and taps featuring Surly, Bent Paddle, Fulton, Deschutes, Bell's, and more.

The shiny new Country Bar is officially open for business today. Get out your cowboy boots and rejoice.

Hours (for now):

Monday-Thursday 4 p.m.-2 a.m.

Friday-Sunday 11 a.m.-2 a.m.

The Country Bar

3006 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis