Sneak Peek: Sugar Sugar


You can satisfy your sweet tooth with as little as ten cents (gumballs, Bit-O-Honeys, and Satellite Wafers for example) or as much as $50 (candy perfume!) at Sugar Sugar, a chic new candy shop in South Minneapolis.

It's will be a month this Friday since the store, whose aesthetic owner Joni Wheeler describes as antique French meets pop culture -- opened its doors at 38th and Grand in South Minneapolis, across the street from Grand Cafe. She says she approached the business with the intention of being able to have something for everybody. "No matter who you are or how much you have to spend you can find something beautiful," she says.

Take a look around:

A number of different sweets -- from common ones like Swedish fish and Jujubes to more obscure ones like white chocolate- covered marzipan flavored with limoncello and sea salt -- are available by the pound.

The store features an entire "nostalgia" section which includes old-time favorites like Mallo Cups, Valomilk, Charleston Chews, and Necco Wafers.


Hot dog gum!

Sugar Sugar has not one but two different types of candy mustaches: one is chocolate (comes in "gentlemen" and "Roosevelt" styles) and the other is edible wax.