Smack Shack opening update: On for January

Lobster rolls, chowder, po' boys, and lobster mac coming soon to the North Loop
Lobster rolls, chowder, po' boys, and lobster mac coming soon to the North Loop

Though construction has appeared interminable and every supposed opening date gets pushed into the next season, it looks like the brick-and-mortar location of perennial list-topping food truck Smack Shack is finally official. Even better news: It's coming up fast.

If you're planning to make a New Year's resolution to eat more lobster, you're in luck. Smack Shack's owner Josh Thoma finally responded to media speculation about the haps on his North Loop store via Twitter and confirmed that he and his team are planning for a January opening.

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Smack Shack put its first projected opening day in June, then late summer, before going MIA for most of the fall, focusing on the end of food truck season and still offering its menu at 1029 Bar in northeast Minneapolis. Now it looks like construction is moving full speed ahead, including the installation of a large, shallow live lobster tank, which plays into Thoma's plans for menu expansion. The brick-and-mortar Smack Shack will offer different sizes of whole boiled lobsters as well as fried chicken, herb biscuits, and some of the other dishes Thoma has perfected over the years.

The menu may be bigger, but the restaurant will actually be smaller than originally planned. Back in May, Thoma told Mpls/St. Paul magazine the restaurant would seat 200 with space for 70 more diners on the patio. He's now saying the interior will seat 115, and no word on the size of the patio and where it will be exactly. We're guessing that in January people will be much more concerned with finding a buttery, grilled, split-top bun than outdoor seating.

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