Smack Shack lobster roll deemed one of best in country

New England can stuff it. Smack Shack lobster roll rules.

New England can stuff it. Smack Shack lobster roll rules.

The April issue of Bon Appetit magazine touts the best lobster rolls across the country and hometown favorite food truck Smack Shack made the cut.  Hard to tell what the tasters loved most, the buttery Salty Tart bun, perfectly tender, ocean brined lobster hunks or the crisp summery crunch addition of wee bits of cucumber.  All we know is that they loved it. 

We talked to the crew at the Smack Shack and they were as surprised as anyone to find out about the distinction.  "We knew they were doing a story about lobster rolls, but we didn't know what it was about."

Where to find it:

[jump] Right now the sandwiches are available out of the 1029 Bar kitchen Wednesdays through Saturdays, but what we want to know is when are they breaking out the truck? The answer is tantalizingly soon.  Last week they drove it out to their first catering event.  Next they're off to the East Coast for a meet and greet with some vendors and then they are home and ready to hit the streets.  They should be out and running around the first of April, no fooling.

Smack Shack, website


1029 Marshall Street, Minneapolis