Smack Shack lobster boil a roiling success

It's like Maine in Minnesota

It's like Maine in Minnesota

A word of advice for a lobster boil: Surrender your dignity and strap on your bib, because it's gonna be a messy night. It's not often the opportunity for a full-on lobster boil with all the trimmings presents itself in our landlocked region. And it's even more unlikely to find a lobster dinner that is expertly prepared but also affordable. In steps the Smack Shack to fill our void. 

The food truck is parked for now, but the crew has moved into the 1029 Bar Wednesdays through Saturdays. Here's what we found over the weekend.

Though the operation has moved indoors, the Smack Shack is still serving food that ranges from its famous lobster rolls and lobster mac 'n' cheese to more common bar fare like wings and burgers, all dressed up in its gourmet-on-the-fly style, of course.

This past Friday, the bar was filled to capacity with friendly neighborhood drinkers and crustacean fans clamoring for seats. The jukebox was serendading us with the dulcet tones of Rock Lobster as giant tins were passed around carrying enormous Valentine-hued lobsters, Texas toast, sunny ears of corn, skin-on red mashed potatoes, sausage, and a vat of drawn butter. The chefs were making the rounds, joking with everyone and showing the newbies how to get into the prehistoric-looking things. Diners gleefully cracked open claws and tail to extract the succulent, sea-salt-kissed meat, occasionally getting a lobster-juice facial in the process. 

While butter is always welcome, the meat was so juicy and refreshingly sweet there wasn't really a need for it. The attentive and gregarious servers waltzed around the tables refilling wine glasses, offering water, and responding to every diner's whim. All of this was for just $20--a far cry from what lobster dinners can cost elsewhere. It was so much fun that the crew decided to do another boil the next night.

Word soon circulated that there might be more on the horizon. Follow the Smack Shack on Facebook or Twitter for more details. 

1029 Marshall Avenue NE; Minneapolis
612.379.4322; Facebook