Smack Shack announces opening date -- for real this time

Any day now
Any day now

Last we heard that the hotly anticipated brick-and-mortar outpost for Smack Shack, the lobster-roll-peddling truck, would be open in January. Unfortunately for crustacean fans, they aren't going to make that deadline. However, we've waited this long, what's just a couple of more weeks?

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Via its Facebook page, Smack Shack declared, "We can now confidently announce that we will be opening to the public on February 8th, 2013." The Hot Dish followed up this joyous claim with a call to a representative of the restaurant, who confirmed the date. Yes, for real. Really.

Originally, on her Mpls/St. Paul magazine blog, Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl quoted Smack Shack mastermind Josh Thoma as saying they would be opening, "This summer, definitely." That was last summer. We first heard about the restaurant plans in March of last year. It's been a long road for Thoma and team, but it looks like they are in the final stretch.

Tracking their progress, the live lobster tanks have been installed. Diners will be able to see their dinners crawling around moments before they go to the big, boiling pot in the sky. Speaking of pots, they also have their 100-gallon lobster boil installed and ready to roil.

When they first open, expect reservations and seating to be limited at first as staff get the kinks worked out. Expect them running at full steam long before the Twins return. Good thing, since this spot is going to be perfect for a little pregame action.

If you just can't wait, scratch that red boy itch at the 1029 Bar, where they're still serving Smack Shack favorites like the lobster roll, lobster mac and cheese, and more in that sweet neighborhood bar location.

Smack Shack
603 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis

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