Slurp That Spaghetti! Where to Celebrate National Pasta Day in the Twin Cities

Sure, it's easy to boil some water, toss in some spaghetti, and open up a bottle of sauce at home... but there's something divine about the perfect plate of pasta while you're out on the town. The snap of al dente tendrils of bucatini, the melt-in-your-mouth creaminess of ravioli, meaty and rich Béchamel-drenched lasagna -- we love it all.

There are plenty of local standbys where you can get your favorite pasta dishes like Broders' Pasta Bar, Loring Pasta Bar, and Amore Victoria, among countless others -- but we wanted to highlight a few spots you might not have tried just yet. Here's our roundup of a few of our favorite newer places around town where you can get your noodle fix on National Pasta Day.

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Louis Ristorante & Bar Cosetta's overhaul, Louis Ristorante in downtown St. Paul is chock full of classic Italian cuisine for when you're craving noodles that err on the traditional side, from tri-color tortellini salad to mostaccioli. Our favorite is the garlicky linguine alla vongole with fresh Manila clams and basil.

Lyn 65 Try a starter course of the handmade pasta by chef Ben Reints at Lyn 65 in south Minneapolis... we're especially partial to the spot-on bucatini bolognese.

Coup d'Etat Executive chefs and co-owners Nick O'Leary and Tyler Shipton of Coup d'Etat in Uptown have perfected simple, handmade pasta with their pappardelle topped with crunchy pancetta, mushrooms, and pearl onions.

Public Kitchen + Bar The house-made ravioli at Public Kitchen + Bar in Lowertown is one of the highlights of chef Greg Johnson's menu. Kale and a citrusy broth blanket the plump pillows of chicken and blue cheese ravioli for a rich dish that will leave you making sure you get every last bread crumb in the bowl.

Brasserie Zentral For the best coupling of budget-friendly and delicious dishes at Brasserie Zentral in downtown Minneapolis, go for the pasta. We're partial to the spinach tagliatelle topped with fluffy lumps of crab, crunchy bits of pretzel, and uni butter to tie it all together.

What are your favorite Twin Cities spots to get fusilli, gemelli, and orecchiette? Sound off in the comments and share your love of local pasta on this, the most slurp-worthy of food holidays.

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