Skittles hijacks Twitter for viral marketing campaign

Taste the Internet Machine

Taste the Internet Machine

Skittles is trying an interesting experiment in social media this morning. It has converted its homepage into a real-time Twitter feed of people talking about Skittles.

In order to see the page, you have to fill out a Terms and Conditions, which includes submitting your age. This will give Skittles plenty of interesting data about how the skittles meme spreads on Twitter throughout the day.

For a relatively low investment in labor and money, Skittles has got everyone talking about their product today. Well played, Skittles.

The Skittles website is now a giant billboard for anyone who types #skittles into Twitter (I'm guessing the company is screening and censoring to avoid getting hijacked by the Internet's worst elements). And just like at the ball game, there's already a marriage proposal:

tadd31: #Skittles Kelly will you marry me?

By the way, if you go to and hit the back button on your browser, it automatically takes you to the Wikipedia page for Skittles.

Taste the interwebz. Long live Skitter.