Sisyphus Brewing responds to 'ass toys' who defaced their mural [VIDEO]

It takes a certain kind of crime to make the offender an "ass toy," according to the video.

It takes a certain kind of crime to make the offender an "ass toy," according to the video.

Turns out that the owners of Loring Park comedy club/nanobrewery Sisyphus Brewing have a pretty good sense of humor.

After their crowdfunded mural was defaced by a graffiti "artist" going by the handle Konqr, owner Sam Harriman didn't have much to laugh about. “I still don’t feel like any justice will be done,” he dejectedly told City Pages last week when we reached out to him. But Harriman took the weekend to cool down and center, and now the part-time comedian has some shenanigans of his own in retort.

In a video skit posted to the brewery's Facebook on Tuesday, Harriman and brewer Ben Steingold re-enact the events of January 7, giving some insight into just how things went down at Sisyphus when they discovered the uncommissioned tagging. After Harriman spies the graffiti, he tells Steingold, whose nonplussed reaction of "that sucks" leads the two to decide that, instead of fixing the mural, they should just update all their merch to include an homage to the vandal. 

However, Harriman isn't keen to give Konqr any more cred, so he modifies his shirt to bear the words "ass toy" — what he calls "a proper tribute to the artist."

What's an ass toy, you ask? Though it sounds like a disparaging synonym for a butt plug, the term "toy" is actually a pejorative in the graffiti community for an undisciplined artist who has no respect for street art etiquette. The video goes into more detail about just what exactly the "ass" modifier adds to the term, basically equating Konqr to a spray paint-equipped internet commenter.

Stick that in your can and huff it, Konqr.

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This is exactly what happened when we found that our mural had been tagged

Posted by Sisyphus Brewing on Tuesday, January 12, 2016