Sisyphus Brewing launches Kickstarter for mural [IMAGES]

Paul & Babe Cheers: screenprint

Paul & Babe Cheers: screenprint

Sisyphus Brewing, slated to open near Loring Park later this spring, has launched a Kickstarter to fund a mural on their exterior wall. The mural would face the I-94/I-394 interchange, and the Kickstarter aims to raise $6,000 for local beer artists Adam Turman and Jawsh to collaborate on the painting.

Turman's work is prominently featured on many Surly products as well as in 612Brew's taproom, and Jawsh has done many murals about town in addition to designing the label on the Surly Darkness 2013 bottle.

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Sisyphus Brewing is an upstart brewery that will operate on a limited two-barrel brewing system, offering head brewer Sam Harriman's beers on site only, without growler sales or distribution to bars and restaurants.

If the campaign is successful, the building will go from this:

to a colorful work in the style of the art samples below:


For more information or to contribute to the project, check out their Kickstarter page here.

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