Sisyphus Brewing in Loring Park will open its taproom Friday

Residents of Loring Park and comedy fans, the time has arrived: Sisyphus Brewing, the craft brewery from local comedian Sam Harriman, will open at noon on Friday, July 11. Located near the Walker and Loring Park at 712 Ontario West, the new brewery has a unique set-up, featuring onsite only consumption from a small two-barrel brewing system.

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Because of the unique small brewing system, the brewery will not distribute to bars, restaurants, or liquor stores, and won't sell growlers for take home consumption either. All beers will have to be purchased at the brewery and enjoyed in the taproom, which distinguishes Sisyphus from its peers that distribute elsewhere by making it a destination, just east of Dunwoody.

Starting with four brews in their line-up (Brett IPA, Kentucky Common, Black Ale--available with or without a coffee infusion, and Oatmeal Pale Ale), the brewery will rotate their selection weekly. "Beers will be in constant rotation, but we'll have a few that pop up more often than others," Harriman says. "Our goal is to cultivate a well-rounded tasting menu each week that offers something for everyone and a variety of flavors/experiences."

The brewery is owned by husband/wife combo Sam and Catherine Harriman. The space will feature a 100-seat theater for comedy and live music performances to complement the 100-seat taproom. The brewery also will start work on a mural from Jawsh Lemke and Adam Turman this week, and the painting should be half-completed by Friday's grand opening.

The beers at opening time are balanced and acknowledge the malts and grains in the brewing process in a way that differs from many of their Minnesota brewing peers. The IPA is floral but low on the IBU count and the black ale, while carrying a notable bitter unit measurement, distinguishes itself with a low carbonation and coffee profile. These are beers with distinctive profiles yet a nod toward tradition. Brewmaster Sam Harriman is focused on a pleasing though not overpowering bouquet and finish for a sessionable yet indulgent drink. His brewing is nuanced and careful, and the small batch approach and convenience of the small scale system allows ample quality control.

Along with their beers, Sisyphus plans for regular food trucks to park outside and serve food, starting with Chef Shack at their grand opening on Friday.

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