Sip a Cricket Milkshake at Wayback Burger in Woodbury

You want whipped cream on that? How about crickets?

You want whipped cream on that? How about crickets?

Savvy folks with deep pockets are banking on insect protein as a cheap and abundant food source for the world's overpopulation problem. The current diet trend is all protein, all the time, and we're going to have to find a better way of getting it than concentrated animal feeding operations, which are destroying the ozone layer and poisoning our water, among many other hazards.

Which is a long way to say that as of Wednesday you can drink a cricket milkshake at the otherwise All American shake and burger chain, Wayback Burgers.

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Mexican food, especially at the most inventive, cutting-edge places, has long embraced cricket cuisine (that's chapulin to you.)

At first blush it may seem strange that a burger joint, already a crucible of protein, would make such a move. But then, with their clientele's insatiable lust for protein power, why not? With the price of beef skyrocketing, maybe they're testing the cricket-infested waters for alternative industry? A 3.5-ounce serving of crickets contains about 50 grams of protein, double the amount in a similar portion of beef.

The High Protein Cricket Milkshake at Wayback Burger is blended with premium vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and of course high protein cricket powder. Wayback insists you will never know there's a bug in your ice cream, and that test markets have shown overwhelming demand.

At $4.50 it's a reasonably inexpensive dare.

Wayback Burger 8470 City Centre Drive, Woodbury 651-714-9095

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