Sioux Chef, purveyor of 'pre-colonial' food, announces first in a series of pop-ups

Get Sioux Chef Sean Sherman's cooking at an upcoming pop-up dinner.

Get Sioux Chef Sean Sherman's cooking at an upcoming pop-up dinner. Becca Dilley

Chef Sean Sherman of the Sioux Chef has come a long way since he started his food truck in 2015.

In just two short years, he launched the most successful food-oriented Kickstarter in the organization's history, is on his way to opening the restaurant funded by the campaign, and has been approached by a number of networks interested in turning his story into a series.

But naturally, the man still wants to cook. Which is great, because we're anxious to eat his cooking. He's launching a series of pop-up dinners, the first on February 7.

The dinner will be held in partnership with Colorado-based chef Karlos Baca, who focuses on wild edibles and hunted foods to create his menus. Baca founded the Taste of Native Cuisine, an indigenous chef collective, in 2011, and offers educational tastings, foraging walks, and speaking engagements on the Southern Ute Reservation. He has since expanded his work to include tribes nationwide.

At the dinner, Sherman and Baca will blend the wild flavors of the Dine and Ute tribes with the Dakota and Anishinaabe.

“Food is at the center of every culture,” says Sherman in his press materials.  

"But pre-colonial indigenous foods are largely missing from the culinary landscape. We want to highlight a bounty of healthy Native flavors through sustainable practices that deepen our relationship to the environment and to one another. One way to do that is to show the diversity of flavors throughout our rich landscape in North America."

February 7, 6 p.m. 
First Universalist Church
3400 Dupont Ave. S., Minneapolis

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