Simpsons help fight obesity in UK

Simpsons help fight obesity in UK
Cindy Funk/Flickr

The UK's Department of Health (with the wildly appropriate acronym "DoH") has begun sponsoring broadcasts of "The Simpsons" with an ad inspired by the show and created by the animators of "Wallace and Gromit." ("The Simpsons'" former sponsor, Domino's Pizza, was deemed unfit.)

The ad features several faceless figures (and a faceless dog) in the Simpson living room, munching on junk food that is subsequently replaced with fruit and "veg" by another figure that swoops in over them, and the sorta witty, peculiar tagline: "Change4Life [the name of the campaign] supporting the Simpsons ... sometimes."

Link to the ad after the jump.

Check the ad out here.

If you can't get enough of the faceless, claymation-type characters (and those precious English accents), there's more.

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