Simpls in the Skyway: A Healthy Foods Convenience Store

Look at them all! Young pros on the go, grabbing and going at Simpls skyway convenience store for the heath food set.

Look at them all! Young pros on the go, grabbing and going at Simpls skyway convenience store for the heath food set.

There's a certain breed of animal. They are called Millennial Professionals, and hoo boy are they in a hurry! Look for them in their natural habitat, the skyway system. But please, move to the side, don't get in their way, and do not feed them. They've got this. And did we mention that they're in a hurry?

You see, these young professionals didn't get to be that way because they spent a lot of time sitting, contemplating, chewing cud like a slit-eyed cow. No! They've got work to do! Let's get this lunch thing done, and let's get a move on. And it had better be healthy. Strong abs are key to the fast life.

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Simpls Grab and Go partners Michael von Fange and Ryan Rosenthal are just this breed of young pro, one of them in sales and the other in "operations supply chain management" (if that doesn't sound like a position that requires noonday fuel then I don't know what does).

"We are constantly on the go, and if you want healthy food you always have to wait for it. You always have to sacrifice convenience. We thought, why can't we have good, local, convenient food that you can just grab and go?"

So like the good professional Millennials that they are (we're sensing a theme here at Hot Dish), they went ahead and made the thing that they wanted but couldn't find: a convenience store, but healthy.

So of course they've got all the staples: sammies, salads, and soups, but fresh and ready to go without any fuss or muss. And, they tried hard as they could to get as many local purveyors as possible, but if they're not from Minnesota most of them are at least from the Midwest, or they have a "good story." And you know, craft, organic, freshly made, no trans fats, and all that.

They're especially proud that they're the only guys in the skyway with Prohibition Kombucha on tap, and they're also quite fond of Fresh Bars (so fresh you gotta refrigerate 'em granola bars) as well as Whole Me Gluten Free Granola Bars, all three being Minnesota companies.

Want to get even closer to your food? They host purveyors weekly so you can see the ladies and men responsible for all this fresh, fast lunching. Try that at your local Super America. Want to meet the Cheetos tiger and the Coca Cola CEO? Probably not.

But don't worry! This is a site of serious snacking as any good convenience store ought to be. But no Cheetos. Instead, all natural chips, yogurt parfaits, string cheese, jerky, fruit.

And, naturally, the partners have ambitious goals. Once the first store training ground is proven and solid, they'll move on to more locations in the skyways in Minneapolis as well as St. Paul, and beyond.

601 Marquette Ave., Suite 210, Minneapolis 612-223-8545