Simple, Good, and Tasty dinner @ Lucia's


Simple, Good, and Tasty is hosting its biggest local food dinner yet on October 11 at Lucia's, aiming to answer the question: Who's your farmer? Here are the details:

Most people know their hairdresser, insurance agent, doctor and many others, but few today know their farmer, perhaps the most important person in their lives. Knowing your farmer can change your health, your approach to cooking, your respect for food, your stewardship of the earth and even your social and political circle. This dinner will introduce you to 12 different farmers and producers.

In an intimate setting, you can ask questions, learn, and - of course - eat these farmers' wonderful food prepared by Lucia's chefs. It's a farm-to-table experience in the true sense of the phrase, a meal unlike any most of us has ever had.

The cost of the event is $100 per person, and is all-inclusive (3 course meal, wine and beverages, tax, and tip are included).

For more info or to reserve a spot, click here.