Shutdown delays Lowry opening 2 weeks at a cost of more than $200K

Blue Plate's Stephanie Shimp at the Lowry groundbreaking.

Blue Plate's Stephanie Shimp at the Lowry groundbreaking.

Blue Plate restaurant group announced yesterday that its newest eatery, the Lowry in Uptown, is scheduled to open on August 15.

The owners had anticipated being ready by August 2, but the state government shutdown put everything on hold, as the state didn't process the Lowry's application for an alcohol "buyer's card" before July 1, rendering the restaurant unable to buy alcohol from distributors.

The Southwest Journal recently talked to Blue Plate to learn more about the delay's financial impact and found that the costs were adding up fast.


From an employee perspective, training was scheduled to begin on July 12, so 100 new hires were left idle, losing expected wages that Blue Plate CFO Luke Shimp estimated to be roughly $32,000 a week.

Shimp also said that Blue Plate was losing out on $80,000 in sales revenue per week, while still having to pay rent and other fixed costs. He noted that the state was losing big bucks, too: a weekly loss of $4,100 in food sales tax, $2,625 in liquor sales tax, and $4,800 in payroll taxes.

Adding things up, the two-week delay caused the owners, employees, and state to take a combined hit of more than $200,000.

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