Shuck yeah, baby: It’s Oysterfest time

Half shell heaven.

Half shell heaven.

It’s only a “fest” if you’re a person.

Five different species. Dozens of different varieties. Twenty-five thousand oysters total -- roughly 70 of them shucked each minute.

Now in its seventh year, Meritage’s annual seafood soiree could just as easily be called “Massacre on the Half Shell”... but Oysterfest probably tested better. It returns this Sunday, October 8, when you -- blessedly bipedal and not bivalval -- get to partake in all of the delicious carnage.

Spend the afternoon sliding raw shellfish down your gullet or gnawing on oysters that have been smoked, grilled, or fried. There’s also the shucking competition, which finds area restaurants putting their speediest shucker to the test in head-to-head battles. (And don't worry: Our hyperbolic language aside, Meritage's bash actually contains an educational component all about sustainable seafood sourcing.)

Not a seafood lover? Whole roasted pig, sweet and savory crepes, burgers, and sausages are all on the menu as well. Wash it all down with Summit Brewing’s limited-edition Oyster Stout, a bittersweet, barely briney brew you’ll only be able to get at Sunday’s event.

The when:​ ​
Sunday, October 8, 12-6 p.m.

The where:​ ​
Meritage​, 410 St. Peter St., St. Paul

The how:
Passes and additional info are available here.