Should restaurant service be a requirement, like military?

A reader, Michelle from St. Paul, recently wrote The Hot Dish to make the case that serving in a restaurant should be a requirement for every young adult. Here's what she says:

It's long been my belief that serving in a restaurant, for a minimum of 6 months, should be a requirement prior to, or immediately following high school graduation. Dining out is one of few things that every person does at some point in their life, yet I'm constantly surprised how few people actually know how to behave when doing so. This requirement would level the playing field. Take it one step further and give people the choice; 6 months serving in a restaurant or 1 year in the military.

While a compulsory draft for restaurant service isn't likely to be legislated any time soon, Michelle makes a good point that many diners could learn a thing or two from a few months spent walking in a waiter's shoes. If you've worked as a server, what has the experience taught you, and what values might it instill in the next generation?