Should PETA compare feeding kids meat to child abuse?

Sure, we're used to PETA's attention-getting tactics, which more often than not include scantily clad women dressed in nothing but vegetables. But their latest approach, which has shown up on a billboard in Wales and is making its way to Canada, according to Diet Blog, compares feeding kids meat to child abuse. According to a press release:

Meat can help make kids fat and sick. In addition to facing the social challenges caused by childhood obesity--which can lead to lifelong psychological trauma--children who are fed a diet of burgers, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and other foods that are laden with saturated fat and cholesterol have their health put at risk.

Check out the billboard and see if you think of PETA's message is appropriate or it went too far. Join the Dish-cussion and share your thoughts in the comments:

Should PETA compare feeding kids meat to child abuse?
courtesy PETA

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