Should MN ban trans fats?

When the Strib reported that Minneapolis and St. Paul are preparing ordinances to ban chain restaurants from using trans fats and ordinances that would require calorie labels on menus and menu boards the comments section went nuts.

The original piece was followed by an editorial called for the development of federal guidelines, instead of implementing a patchwork of citywide bans.

Even columnist Jim Lileks weighed in:

The cities are also mulling some codes that would require fast-food joints to post nutritional information, which is a little like posting the rules for a happy marriage in a strip club.

The trans-fat ban is like motorcycle helmet laws: there's no arguing that the behavior puts people at risk. How much personal responsibility can we expect people to take for their health, and how much should the government try to influence healthy behavior?

Stay tuned: a state House committee will hold a hearing on menu labeling this afternoon.

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