Shopper's yogurt sample found to contain semen

Anthony Garcia is accused of tricking a shopper into eating semen.

Anthony Garcia is accused of tricking a shopper into eating semen.

Many grocery shoppers see "sample day" as a boon, snacking their way through the store aisles fueled by free chips, cookies, and cheese. But this disturbing story will make you think twice about accepting any foodstuff that's creamy and white.

According to the police report posted on the Smoking Gun, on January 25, a 28-year-old woman was shopping at the Sunflower Farmers Market in New Mexico with her daughter when Anthony Garcia, a dairy department employee, approached her and offered a yogurt sample. When the woman tasted the sample, she knew something was wrong: She told the cops the sample tasted "gross and disgusting" and that it tasted like semen.


The victim says she spit the sample out on the floor and complained to the store manager, who tried to reassure her that it was just Greek yogurt.

After returning home, the woman told her boyfriend about the incident and how she was bothered by the way Garcia had approached her with just one sample and was very pushy about encouraging her to taste it. The two returned to the market and called police, who arrested Garcia after determining he had two outstanding warrants related to criminal sexual contact with a minor.

Lab test results of the yogurt sample were determined to, indeed, contain sperm cells, so police secured a search warrant to collect blood and DNA samples from Garcia. The Albuquerque Police Department expects lab tests results later this week.