Shoichi Fujimaki's ¥10,000--that's $100!--bowl of ramen

Fujimaki Gekijou doesn't serve your typical Top Ramen...
Fujimaki Gekijou doesn't serve your typical Top Ramen...

Here in the U.S., big-name chefs have offered truffle-topped burgers for top-dollar prices for years. The trend, it seems, has spread to Japan, where the Japan Times reports that Shoichi Fujimaki, chef-owner of Tokyo's Fujimaki Gekijo, sells bowls of Emperor Ramen, for ¥10,000, which must be reserved three days in advance, due to the necessary preparation of shrimp head stock. (For comparison, a typical bowl might cost ¥800.)

Reviews of the ramen have been mixed, apparently. Some say it's extremely tasty, but others didn't see enough difference to justify the price. A big part of Fujimaki Gekijo's appeal is its exclusivity--it has only eight counter seats for diners, and there are plans to make it a members-only restaurant in the future--and posh surrounds, including a rock-walled fountain at the entrance and a downstairs rec-room where diners can hang out after their meal. Worth it? We're not so sure...

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