Shamrock Shakes back on the scene

About caused a high-speed pile-up yesterday while rubbernecking in disbelief. But make no mistake. The yellow sign outside the McDonald's on Highway 55 advertised the arrival of, correct us if we're wrong, perhaps the only St. Patrick's Day-specific sweet. Can't we at least get Valentine M&Ms off the shelves first? Yes, it may only be second week of February, but McDonald's Shamrock Shakes are back.

According to a website seemingly dedicated to the minty, part Ectoplasm, part Easter sweater shakes there haven't yet been any other Minnesota Shamrock "sightings" yet this season. We can sort of appreciate the nostalgia the shake induces. Who doesn't still harbor a little something for Personal Pan Pizzas, after all? There's also some kitsch value to them, kinda like how it's almost cool to get a gas station Polish sausage. However, we remain wary.

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