Shake n Bake cooking show debuts on MPLS.TV [VIDEO]

MPLS.TV debuts a cookin' new show!

MPLS.TV debuts a cookin' new show!

MPLS.TV debuted its first episode of Shake n Bake today, to teach viewers how to make chicken pot pie.

Shake n Bake is basically a regular cooking show with better music: The host, Eunice, patiently explains mirpoix and roux as she preps with help from her guest assistant, Doomtree rapper Sims, while DJ Fundo and Plain Ole Bill from Get Cryphy add sound effects.

High points from episode one include:


a) watching Plain Ole Bill squirt a stream of Bragg's amino acids straight into his mouth

b) Eunice's deployment of the line "While that's baking, let's get to shaking!" which suddenly turns the kitchen into an all-girl + Sims dance party.

c) The team's ability to make the phrase "creaming the chicken" seem like something we'd need to look up on Urban Dictionary.

Watch it here:

Shake n Bake // Chicken Pot Pie from MPLS.TV on Vimeo.