Shag Sushi: The Tour

When new sushi joint Shag went up in the North Loop, everybody cried, "What do the 1970s have to do with sushi? Disco balls, Jackie Brown, Tony Montana, Austin Powers, wood-paneled walls -- what does it all have to do with sushi?!" Well, in a certain way, the place is as Japanese as it gets: Think of it as an izakaya, an informal snacking and drinking den, and you'll get just exactly what this place is best for, nothing more, nothing less. The best bites are light ones -- sashimi, sushi, blackened salmon toro -- paired with a cocktail that falls decidedly in the category of girly (and we do mean girly; grown women don't generally drink this way). Bear this in mind and you're on your way to an evening that would be right at home in an episode of Sex and the City. Stop here on the way to somewhere else, and then on the way back from somewhere else, and make sure to strap on your strappiest platforms before you do. PHOTOS BY TONY NELSON