Shag, a '70s-themed sushi restaurant, to hit the North Loop

Disco is alive and well in the North Loop

Disco is alive and well in the North Loop

Just when you thought it was impossible to squeeze another sushi restaurant into the Minneapolis city limits, BOOM, another one has dropped down from the heavens -- and this one's got a theme.

Straight from the folks who brought you Rojo Mexican Grill in the West End and the soon to open Ling & Louie's in downtown Minneapolis comes Shag: a North Loop sushi restaurant complete with 1970s decor and a Las Vegas-style bar and lounge.

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The restaurant is slated to open sometime in late 2014 at 730 Washington Ave. N., right near the SOHO Lofts and the Freehouse. This will be the second sushi location for serial restaurateur Michael McDermott, who also owns Sushi on Shea in Scottsdale, Arizona (though it does not appear to sport a similar decade-specific theme).

So, what exactly will a 1970s-inspired sushi restaurant with a Vegas-style bar and lounge look like? It's not entirely clear, though we imagine some shag carpet and mirrors will be involved. The space itself is 3,000 square feet and will seat up to 114 people, so it won't exactly be the smallest space on the block.

"As a Minnesota native, I've been excitedly watching the North Loop neighborhood grow from both a residential and culinary perspective," says McDermott. "Noticing the neighborhood's lack of sushi offerings presented an opportunity to bring food I'm passionate about to this side of Minneapolis."

Retro sushi?

Retro sushi?

While there is currently somewhat of a sushi void in the neighborhood (Oragami is close, but not technically in the North Loop), the concept for this restaurant definitely sounds a bit more outlandish than most of the other casually hip restaurants the North Loop scene has reared.

Could this 1970s-themed sushi restaurant be the thing that the North Loop has been missing? What say you, Hot Dish readers?

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