Seward Co-op discounts cheese for World Cup


Seward Co-op is running a World Cup cheese sale, marking down one representative cheese from each competitor country and keeping them on sale until that country is eliminated.

Many of the big cheesemaking countries expected to do well--France and Italy for starters--are already out. But, on the upside, cheese-lovers will be introduced to a few lesser-known gems. We checked in with co-op's cheese manager, Scott Heard, to get his recommendations.

Cheeses/countries participating in the promotion include: (samples offered on game days)
• Cambozola, Germany (Reg: 14.49/lb Sale: 13.49/lb)
This is a Brie style but it's a blue as well, or a "Blue brie." You don't see a lot of cheeses like that; it's unique. Some people are completely turned off by it, but the people who like it really like it a lot.
• Parrano, Netherlands (Reg: 14.59/lb Sale: 13.59/lb)
It's an aged Gouda. Some consider it to have some similarities to Parmesan. It's pretty caramely and intensely flavored and goes really well with fruit.
• Garroxta, Spain (Reg: 23.69/lb Sale: 21.69/lb)
It's a goat milk cheese from Catalonia that I brought in special for the World Cup. It has a huge, complex flavor--even with a tiny piece, the flavor just goes on and on.

Heard doesn't have any South America or African cheeses in the mix as he wasn't able to get them from his suppliers, but he notes that both regions do make cheeses, many of them fresh-style ones such as ricotta or cream cheese. "Brazil has a fair number of cheeses and same with Uruguay--a lot of people from Italy settled there," he notes. "I'm thinking that if we get, say, Brazil and Ghana int he finals, we might sample some chocolate and coffee with cheese."

So from a purely "cheesy" perspective, who is Heard rooting for? " I'm fully behind Spain," he says. "I wanna keep it on sale."

Here's the upcoming World Cup schedule, so plan your cheese-shopping accordingly:
Netherlands vs. Brazil: July 2, 9:00 a.m. on ESPN
Uruguay vs. Ghana: July 2, 1:30 p.m. on ESPN
Argentina vs. Germany: July 3, 9:00 a.m. on ABC
Paraguay vs. Spain: July 3, 1:30 p.m. on ABC

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