Seward Co-op: a photo tour of local foods


Last Saturday morning I was getting food and the house in order for my husband's birthday party. This involved visiting two different farmers markets for things I was looking for (and to visit my friend Erica from Foxy Falafel at the first Northeast Farmers market of the season). And then I realized, sometimes it just isn't easy to get to the farmers market. Saturdays and Sundays can be filled with opportunities in the summers in Minneapolis, and sometimes the farmers market just doesn't make the cut. Never fear, Seward Co-op to the rescue!

Seward is such a great alternative for the times you can't make it to the farmers market. It has so much variety and marks exactly where its produce comes from. First up, tomatoes! If you're like me, the warm weather makes you crave insalata caprese almost every day of your summer life: tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, and balsamic with a garnish of fresh basil. It screams summer. But I only put my tomato plants in my garden two weeks ago, and with the local juicy tomatoes at Seward, I don't have to wait!

Jealous of all those cool things your friends got in their CSA box last week, like green garlic and the seemingly extraterrestrial kohlrabi? No biggie--Seward has both. Green garlic can be used like regular garlic or scallions. Grill it, throw it in your salsa, or make a super green pesto.


As we continue to go back to our roots regarding what we eat, so have we returned to the past in terms of how we store our foods. That means its time to learn to pickle, and you don't have to let the baby cucumbers take over your garden this year!

Just a few more of the exciting local produce varieties you can find at Seward. Up next week, my first CSA box from Riverbend Farms!