Seven Stars' Sesame Bagel: 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 85

A bagel fairy tale comes to life...

A bagel fairy tale comes to life...

Once upon a time, in a far-away land called Manhattan, a woman lived a mere three blocks from a shop where she could watch them boil and bake the crusty, chewy marvels known as bagels. The store was cramped, and although they laughed because she wanted butter and not schmear on hers, she didn't mind. She knew she'd soon be seated on a nearby park bench, sharing her beloved carb vehicle with the pigeons against the backdrop of a public playground.

After a few years, she moved back to the Upper Midwest, and the chain bagels she once ate in Minnesota no longer satisfied her. So instead of complaining, she pushed her desires down deep and assumed the "Minnesota Nice" position regarding the kosher treat. "No need to upset people about lox and such," she thought.

Wonder what became of the gal and her unrequited bagel yearnings?


One day, the woman happened to be in Edina, talking to the mothers/owners of the independent (yes, indie in Edina!) Seven Stars Coffee House. She was there for the locally roasted coffee, but the kosher certfication hanging on the wall caught her eye. Could she dare to dream that they might... no, she couldn't. No need to have her hungry heart broken again.

She sighed, and decided to order a cinnamon roll with her java. As she waited for the cop ahead of her to get his morning coffee, she gave a final glance at the glass case. Something glistened in the bright winter sunshine. She was inexplicably drawn from the line and found herself in front of a tray of shiny, sesame-studded, round, brown beauties.

The rest of her time in the Seven Stars that day was a blur, except for the part where she was sitting at a table, smearing butter on the crispy outside and chewy inside of her ultra-fresh sesame bagel. Neighborhood folk let her be, whispering, "You know they start making those from scratch every morning at 3 a.m.," and, "I think her eyes just rolled back in her head."

The woman did remember one other thing--that there was a chuckle or two when she asked for butter instead of cream cheese, which proved it was kismet. As she brushed a stray seed from her cheek, she realized that yes, there was a moral to her real-life fairy tale: Supporting an indie coffee house run by two moms in Edina can rekindle your long lost bagel love, even if you don't do schmear.

The siren song comes from the trays.

The siren song comes from the trays.

7015 Amundson Ave., Edina
952.345.3380; website

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