Seed Cafe to host January plant-based eating challenge, with workshops and prizes

Order a Beach Bowl and hop two points closer to victory in Seed Cafe's 30 Day Game Changers Challenge this January.

Order a Beach Bowl and hop two points closer to victory in Seed Cafe's 30 Day Game Changers Challenge this January. Seed Cafe / Facebook

A new year is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf, right?

In this spirit, the fine folks at Seed Cafe are hosting a free community challenge focusing on eating plant-based for the month of January 2020. They’re calling it the 30 Day Game Changers Challenge.

Yes, there are prizes. (But no, ideally participants aren’t in it for those.) 

For the organizers at Seed, the idea of the challenge is more about harnessing collective knowledge to provide support for those new to plant-based eating. It’s also worth noting that the 30-day long challenge is designed simply, and so that “messing up” isn’t a thing. 

As much as we’re all adults here, and the challenge runs on the honor system… this whole thing also revolves around a sticker chart (probably because we’re all kids at heart, too, tbh). 

Inside Seed Cafe will hang a sticker chart, and participants record their point totals via special stickers whenever they happen to stop in. Earn a sticker worth one point for eating a plant-based food, and two points for eating at Seed Cafe. Practice at Modo Yoga and eat at Seed on the same day to earn a sticker worth three points.

Attend an event designed in partnership with the challenge  – which include handy, tip-filled workshops, film screenings, and a yoga clinic – to earn a sticker worth five points. 

Anyone who’s racked up 25 points or more by challenge’s end will be invited to a special happy hour/family-style dinner on Friday, January 31 hosted by Seed, and the person with the most points overall wins their choice of gift card from Seed Cafe or Modo Yoga.

All of the stickers and points and prizes mumbo jumbo can work like thoughtful, low-key motivation for those of us who, frankly, need to see our accomplishments writ large, for reasons of public accountability.

And for the dedicated vegetarians or vegans who feel left out of the “challenge” aspect? Seed intends this to provide an opportunity for unity, where pros can step into roles as mentors and help expand the plant-based eating community. Plus, new ideas aplenty will float about, and whose old routine couldn’t use a little spicing up at the dawn of a new decade?

If the 30 Day Game Changers challenge sounds up your alley, find the sign-up form here.