Seder on the go

Passover starts tonight, but there will definitely be some Seder action going down this weekend too. I've only ever participated in one Seder and it was completely lovely and memorable -- sorry Christians, but Passover is a superior holiday not only for its food (charoset alone is better than most traditional Easter meals in their entirety) but also for its traditions and inclusiveness.

You shouldn't be surprised to know that if you're participating in a Seder this week and still scrambling, yes oh yes, there is a resource for you. It's gonna cost you though. 30 Minute Seder is a "fun but reverent" reference "for families on the go." Not only can you have gender-sensitive Haggadah texts FedExed to you in time for your Seder but it's rabbinically approved and only $5.95! Check out the Afikoman-holder too. Love it.

For additional on-the-go assistance, Manischewitz has a ready-made (free!)shopping list.

You're going to have to wait to make "Kate Moss Matzo Ball Soup" until next Passover though. The supermodel's Jewish cookbook is still in the works.