Secret Menus at Fast Food Restaurants Revealed


Foodies like being in on a secret: the obscure strip mall ethnic joint (Dong Yang, etc.), cooking tricks (add a little vodka for a tender pie crust), and perhaps best of all, off-menu items (the "secret" menu at Tea House). Now a foodie would probably never admit that she ever set foot, or tire, for that matter, in a fast-food restaurant or drive-thru, but if she were up on their secret menus, she'd order some of the items compiled by Have It Your Way (TM), right?

This news came to me just in time to take advantage of the McLeprichon at McDonald's (shamrock shake mixed with the chocolate shake), but there are also all sorts of interesting options on the list like Potbelly's Wrecking Ball (a combination of the Wreck + Meatball sandwich), or Starbuck's Biscotti Frapuccino (frapuccino w/a biscotti blended into it).

I'm not a big fast food person, so the only one of these I've ever personally ordered is an In-and-Out burger "Animal Style," though I did see that my favorite off menu request from Dairy Queen--a sundae with hot fudge and that liquid marshmallow stuff--actually has a name: the Jack and Jill Sundae. I have no idea what that's supposed to mean (anyone?), but I have a strong suspicion that if I asked for it by that name, I'd probably just get a blank stare.